Love and Evolution (From My Imaginarium #2)

In my last entry I realized that it made me sound like an existential loner, which is totally not what I was going for, I mentioned that

“When we understand those concepts, Who you’re “chilling” with, who’s “shady” to you, who your friends are, who aren’t your friends, The people you once trusted are now the furthest away from you, the things that made you sad on the account of other humans, the things that seemed to be the biggest burdens in your life, fail in comparison to the vastness of the universe.”

Which is totally true but there was something that I neglected to include (sorry about that). Yes, when you understand certain concepts as you grow older, you slowly begin to understand your place in the world therefore everything else fails in comparison to that, which includes your problems.

Yes, while your problems do fail in comparison to the ever-growing vastness of the Universe there is something that can’t even compare to that and that is (I know I’m going to sound corny saying this) Love.

I know it’s probably in every cliche you’ve ever heard but that doesn’t make it untrue, you see there are certain things that make up the human experience that science can’t yet quantify, yes, we know the biological process of “love” or rather “Attraction”; heart rate increases, body heat rises, pupils start to dilate, those symptoms can be measured and quantified, but that isn’t love.

One can’t even begin to describe the feeling of love; that feeling that allows couples to grow old together, that a mother gets when she sees her newborn baby for the first time, when you see your bride walking down the aisle or your Groom at the altar or that feeling when your waiter bring your food, these things awakens a feeling within you, a feeling that is the result of Millions of years of human evolution and genetic ancestry.

Something that’s so complex that to this day experts in the field cannot fully understand it. Which raises in my mind the humility of experiencing true love. Well you’re probably wondering what I’m really getting at here, bottom line is that we are a small race on a little blue dot, somewhere in the Milky Way, a galaxy among billions existing in the expanse, but don’t be disheartened it just makes our existence all the more special, and what makes that even more special is that the important people that love you are right there with you, so don’t chase after those who don’t care but rather share this beautiful existence with those that do, after all

this is just the one life we know of, make the most of it.


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