Hello My Name Is… (From My Imaginarium #3)

I just realized that I’ve been writing these entries, but you have no idea who I am, all you know is, I guess, my name. Hi, my name is Norman Alexander Gobin, yes, I guess most of you had no idea that “Gobin” was indeed my last name. I was born in the country of Guyana a small nation located at the Northern part of South America, but you you’ll find out more about my country as the days’ progress. I have many likes as well as dislikes, if I were to list them out side by side I have no idea which column would be longer because for every like I have, there is probably a dislike, again you’ll be hearing more about my likes and dislikes as I keep updating this journal. I grew up most of my childhood as a devout Christian, so you can imagine what my household was like; I couldn’t listen to any music that wasn’t gospel, couldn’t watch violent TV shows or movies with supernatural themes, heck I couldn’t even watch Pokemon (Yea that’s a story for another time). But one of the things I struggled with the most growing up in an environment such as that,

is the suppression of my intellect and free thought.

I remember id always ask these deep, profound questions, sometimes they weren’t even that deep, I just wanted to know more, about

where we came from? What our purpose was? Is this all that there is to life? Did God really create the world in 7 days?

At most when I asked these questions I’d receive a long lecture about how God does things in mysterious way and we shouldn’t question it, one time a pastor went as far as to tell me that asking questions is the Devil speaking through you. I honestly don’t know to this day what he was afraid of.

Was it the question? Or was it the fact that I was a Seven-year-old asking these questions?

But as I grew older I realized that being in church was holding me back from discovering the wonders and mysteries that make up the world, it was indeed holding me back from developing as a person. Most of you that belong to the Christian faith must call me a

“heathen”, “Demon” or “Possessed”,

but honestly, I don’t see myself as any of those things.

I am an adventurer journeying to the furthest depths of my mind, pondering the very framework of the system, hopefully trying lead humanity one step further into the future.

I’m not saying that religion is bad, but Religion without spirituality, are ingredients for ignorance. Learn to use the mind that you believe the Lord has given to you, Christians always say that God has given us a great mind and you should use it to do great things…but as soon as you do, well…that’s when their fear steps in and gets the best of them, and we’ve seen this happen all throughout history, but that’s a discussion for another time. In short…



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