The Passage of Time (From My Imaginarium #1)

The saying

“The older you get, the wiser you get”

is something I took for granted a lot growing up, I knew when we got older that we got smarter, that we were able to make better judgement calls, but true Wisdom was a concept that has long eluded my full understanding, until now. Don’t get me wrong I would never consider myself to be truly wise, in fact I don’t think anyone on earth, should consider themselves to be “truly wise” because true wisdom, in my mind is unattainable, one cannot become the “wisest of them all” overnight or even after a few nights. Wisdom, as they say is something that grows but no one has ever lived long enough to see it reach its maximum (If there is a maximum) and also for the simple fact that we’re still human, humans are prone to error, they can be illogical, emotional, delusional. In my mind a person who is truly wise, ignores all of that and focuses completely on fact and reason, but as I said we’re all still human. -What am I talking about? Sorry my mind tends to go on tangents a lot, back to the original train of thought. – To be wise does not mean, to know everything or to be the greatest mind the world has ever seen, I think when we are wise we understand the fundamental things that make us human, we understand our place in the world, universe, we ask ourselves the deeper questions, Who am I? Why am I here? Which of course are questions one may never get the answers to…well at least in this lifetime, but the understanding that there are bigger things out there than just you and I, that our entire existence compared to the vastness of time and space is a mere speck of dust in the celestial framework. When we understand those concepts, Who you’re





to you, who your friends are, who aren’t your friends, The people you once trusted are now the furthest away from you, the things that made you sad on the account of other humans, the things that seemed to be the biggest burdens in your life fail in comparison to the vastness of the universe. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up, or that what you do isn’t important, what it means is that you understand that there are bigger things out there than your problems or people, and at the same time there is hope, life is a river, there are always ripples in the stream, but it keeps on moving in one direction. There are always struggles, there will always be hard times, but life keeps moving and you have to move with it.

So with each day of newly attained wisdom…try using it.


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