Guyana, Land of…Division. (From My Imaginarium #5)


Land of Six Peoples, Land of many waters and

land of many borders,

that last one is not an official description but it’s one I choose to give because I feel it’s an important one and it’s one that I’ll be discussing in this entry. Remember in a previous post I told you that you’ll be hearing more about where I’m from? Well this is one of them. I’ve been living in Guyana all my life, and trust me when I say there’s nowhere else on earth quite like it. It’s a land of stark contrast, you have the


Coast which is home to Our capital city Georgetown and other inhabited areas, but when you travel away from the city you’ll encounter a few rural villages all with their own unique characteristics, then you have the wild, mostly untouched rain forest, teaming with all sorts of plant and animal life, it is a beautiful landscape. I can’t imagine life anywhere else other than this country, it’s my home, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s without issues. The borders that I was talking about earlier, aren’t that of a physical kind but that of a mental one. You see the people of this country can be a kind and generous bunch, however when you dig deep enough there are invisible barriers that no one ever likes to talk about but are there and in some regards, hold all of us back collectively.

Race, Status, Creed, Politics, Religion,

yes these are barriers that do affect humanity on a Global scale some more than others but

Race and Politics

are the two that Guyanese just can’t seem to shake and it saddens me daily. I know that these problems have existed for hundreds of years, but I think that we’ve gotten to this point where we’ve come to accept it and aren’t willing to change it but that’s something I refuse to accept. I may sound like an idealist, a dreamer rather, but I still believe in a world with no Barriers, no divisions, where humanity can live together without discrimination or condemnation, where the color of our skin doesn’t define who we are, or where we choose to worship, which party we wish to support; where everyone is truly free and everyone can live equally, only then I believe humanity can move forward as a race. Sadly, that is only a dream that I may not see come to pass…at least in my lifetime.

“Humanity is flawed”,

but it takes a few great minds to make a difference. So, in the meantime, everyone practice your freedom, walk proudly down the street, do not hide your skin, don’t succumb to the stereotypes, don’t let class define you but use it as an opportunity to challenge yourself and rise up, be accepting and show love. All the borders that we’ve created are nothing but illusions in our minds, there is just one race, we are all one in the same, all branches apart of the same tree and we all live on this little blue Gem suspended in the vastness of space. So, we need to start living as our motto says;

One People, One Nation, One Destiny.


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  1. Kaila Joseph says:

    This is awesome!🌴

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    1. Thank so much 😁


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