How to deal with Disappointment (From My Imaginarium #6)

Life is a constant string of, accomplishments, moments of wonder and ecstasy, moments that make you think that “there is nowhere else in the world I’d rather be than in this very moment”,

but there are also miserable moments and times of great disappointment.

Disappointment is expected in anyone’s life, no matter who are, how much money you make, what your social standing is, disappointment will come

and I have had my fair share of disappointments. At one time, I thought my entire life was a disappointment, and that led to my chronic depression, but like the constant flow of life I learned to deal with it, to accept that disappointments do happen, and

I needed to stop believing that I am the only person on planet Earth.

Growing up, I never won a lot of things, I hardly ever entered any competitions, even when I was very young, thinking back on it now I realize why that was,

I was always afraid of losing and of disappointment.

The few times when I would enter competitions, I’d always come in second, third or not even place at all. After a while I just stopped trying, I never pushed myself, because I put the thought in my head that I was never good enough so what was the point of trying?

I realize now that it was a mistake,

which is something I now have the horrible burden of trying to rectify in the young adult stages of my life, challenging myself. Fundamentally, I’m a pretty lazy guy, which is something that is hard to admit believe it or not, but I like to think that I have a strong power of will, every day is a constant struggle for me to try to push myself but I do enjoy it.

Of course, frustration will always come, you will constantly feel as though you’ll never be good enough and you will feel like you’re not moving forward, but that is just your impatience getting the best of you, if you work hard and push yourself, you will see the fruits of your labor. As a great fish known as Dory once said, “Just keep swimming”.


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  1. truthfulbeing says:

    I love this “As a great fish known as Dory once said, “Just keep swimming”.”


    1. I’m glad you like it 😊

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