Has Social Media Culture made us into Assholes? (From My Imaginarium #8)

We live in a time that, honestly…scares the living shit out of me,

but there are many things that would scare a person, most of them have been around for a quite a long time. I mean you have your diseases, natural disasters, rogue humans, Donald Trump etc. But what I’m referring to here is something that I’m not sure if it has been around for a long time and I’m just ignorant of its existence, because of my age or it’s a phenomenon that has indeed just become a part of our global culture.

What I’m referring to is the lack of respect for relationships.

As I observe society today, I’ve noticed that our attention spans have experienced a significant decline, due to the rise of social media and super-fast internet speeds. We can retrieve large amounts of data and information in the blink of an eye, as a result our threshold for gratification and satisfaction has declined, we’re constantly after a quick “High” to satisfy our entertainment needs.

Snaps are 10 seconds long, videos are 6 seconds and a picture only lasts in our memory a few seconds at a time and we’re just living in a constant, pointless loop, moving from one thing to the next (even reading to the end of this entry might get boring for some of you).

Unfortunately, that habit has extended its arms of doom into other areas of our lives.

We treat friendships and romantic relationships as something expendable, we hang with people or keep them around based on what they can offer us or better our lives, not because you genuinely want to enjoy the presence of another human being and possibly learn more about or from them. Instead we treat them like fads, when they get boring we move on to the next one, then the next one and the next and the pointless cycle just continues.

I can’t tell you how many friends I lost in the last 3 years alone, how many people have broken my heart and I see it happen every day, people being treated like doormats by the very same individuals they once called “friend”. But can I really blame them? Yes, and no, I say that because as I mentioned before with social media, we live in a time where one night stands, random hookups with strangers, shallow friendships and materialism are not only constantly displayed in pop culture but held to a norm in the social paradigm. People only emulate what they constantly see, reducing themselves and their fellow humans to nothing more than items for their periodic satisfaction.

However, it’ll be inaccurate of me to make a generalized statement to say that everyone falls into this new culture, and there are people who still hold firm to the belief that, people’s emotions aren’t some toy to be played with and everyone deserves a chance to feel like they belong.

There are people out there who want to love and want to be loved, but it’s up to those people to keep that spirit alive, because the direction the rest of the world is heading isn’t a good one, it’ll just end with a lot of hearts being torn to pieces.

Try the best you can to treasure those who are close to you, tell your friends how much they mean to you and if you’re with someone special, who cares a lot about you…think twice before you screw them over, because you’ll just be adding to cycle of insensitive assholes… (And guys wonder why women are bitches and women wonder why guys are Fuck-boys).



Photo: “Some Asshole’s Tinder Chat”.

You can find them everywhere.

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  1. Shae says:

    Yes, the social media culture has turned us, not into assholes but the tardy, lackadaisical ones. We don’t want to read, nor watch uninteresting videos that surpasses 60 seconds. Heck, 60 seconds is already too long. We’d prefer to set something up by watching a YouTube video, or by looking at the image on the box, even though we have the bloody instructions right there.

    This is sad, but I don’t think it’s such a bad thing though. I mean, we’re the new age and this is probably our evolution. We’ve gotten comfortable and we’ve already adopted to it. It scares the shit out of me too, but I myself have fallen into this trend. But like everything else, it could’ve been worse.

    How? Just imagine what our third and fourth generations would be like.


    1. I have to agree with you on this, I think humanity has always been like this, it’s just social media has given us the power to make our voices heard but sometimes we abuse that power, is it worse or better it’s entirely subjective. The point is this is the world we’re living in now this is our reality, there’s no getting away from that.


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