Why is Tech So Important to Us? (From My Imaginarium #14)

There was this one time I lost my phone…to be more specific it was stolen from me.

I’m not going to go into details of how it was stolen, because it’s already a traumatic experience when you’ve been robbed;

the feeling that someone has violated your scared space without your permission is horrendous;

and the fact that the entire incident could’ve been prevented had you been more alert, adds further embarrassment to the already hollow feeling that’s in your soul. But like everything in life, it should be taken as a learning experience; also I am thankful that it was just my phone that was stolen and not anything more. However, this experience got me thinking as well;

why is it that when our phones or any of our devices gets misplaced or stolen, we feel a true sense of loss?

Not to say that people don’t feel a sense of loss when they lose other things, (maybe I’m speaking for myself), considering I have been robbed a few times (I know, it’s embarrassing) and I have been robbed of my wallet and other personal items before.

We all know that your phone is the epitome of your personal belongings, (and I am talking about the modern day smart phone here), even without realizing it, your smartphone is an extension of yourself, you do everything on it (well at least I did).

All forms of modern communication, account details, credit card information, personal information: pictures, videos, documents; every place you’ve been, everything you’ve done, every idea or thought that has ever materialized from your mind is documented and recorded on that device, so it is YOU! It is an extension of you, and extension of your mind.

You know the saying

“you don’t know what you have till it’s gone”

well that is especially true in this very case. The average person today is so reliant on their smartphones that it is nearly impossible to imagine life without one; and you didn’t know how much you needed one till it was gone. Most people would disagree with this as well, that our smartphones aren’t that important to us, but they actually are; humans never like to admit that something in a sense “controls” them…but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

We have always been a species that creates, that innovates, tries to push the boundaries, we have always created tools, things that make our lives easier that help us to reach further than we have ever been, to explore the depths of the unknown; and in turn those tools shape us, what we create, molds us and creates us and then it drives us to improve, to keep moving forward.

It has happened since the dawn of man, it’s just a phenomenon that we can’t get away from. So, the statement that

“Technology controls our lives”,

my response to that is,

it always has, that’s why we are where we are today, it’s the natural order of humanity and it will continue long after we’re gone, Technology isn’t something to be feared, but to be embraced, because it is us, our thoughts, our ideas, our very infinite being, manifested into something…finite.


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